Hammer Lettering

Need a new way to engage your child as you work on the alphabet?  Hammer lettering hits the nail on the head!

Set up: Write a letter on a scrap of cardboard, place dots along the letter, add numbered directional arrows.

Activity:  Go over the letter’s name and sound-repeat this step throughout the activity.  Have your little properly trace the letter with their finger as it is formed when written.  Give your little a golf tee and a hammer.  Allow them to hammer a hole in each dot following the correct path.  I’d recommend helping them with the first few to make sure they are safely and properly using the hammer and tee.  You may want to hold the tee in place if your little feels more comfortable using two hands to direct the hammer.  Each hole makes a “pop” when created which is sure to delight.


Follow up: Instruct your child to use their finger again to trace the letter correctly.  This gives an additional tactile interaction with the letter.  “Remember back to how it felt the first time you traced the letter, how was it different this time?”  Review the letter’s name and sound.

This activity is a winner for all the kinesthetic learners out there!  Give it a try!