Name Games

Want your little one to learn to spell their name? This is no small challenge.

Try the following three activities that we’ve personally used and found success with.

Before engaging in these activities, talk through your kid’s name with them. What does your name start with? What letters are in your name? Discuss Why names are capitalized. Notice the capital letter’s placement. 

Name puzzles:

Write out your kid’s name on cardstock. Make a cut creating a puzzle. 

Mix up the pieces and challenge them to spell their name by putting the puzzle back together. Once this becomes easy, make an additional cut. Continue this until each letter is on its own piece.
Rainbow name spelling:

Cut out a cloud and strips of the colors of the rainbow. Write out your child’s name on the cloud as well as the letters of your child’s name in corresponding rainbow order on the strips. 

Task your child to spell their name by putting the rays in order and matching corresponding letters.

I’d recommend review the rainbow before starting this activity. Before this activity, we read about Noah’s ark and the promise of the rainbow. This proved to be a helpful anticipatory set. Keep the story open to use as a reference.

Clothespin Name Game: 

Clothespins and tongue depressors create an easy game. Write letters A to Z on clothespins. Spell out name on tongue depressor. Mix up clothespins and let your little one match clothespins to their name. Challenge them to only place the pins on in order. 

As your little one has success encourage them with a, “You’re spelling! You just spelled your name!” Using academic language when instructing our kids gives them confidence in their accomplishments.

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