Chalk, water, and summer just go together. What if you could add in a little educational value to your time out in the sun?


  • Chalk
  • Spray bottle
  • Water

Set Up: 

  • Draw “bugs” with letters on their backs
  • Spiders, flies, bees, and lady bugs were about all my limited drawing skills could manage, but feel free to go all out or just keep it simple
  • Fill spray bottle with water

Pep Talk (Instruction)

  • AlphaBUGS have just landed in our backyard. I have this special bug spray for you to get rid of the bugs. The only way to kill the bugs is to spray them in A, B, C order while making the letter’s sound. 
  • Grab your spray and go find A! 
  • Remember to make A’s sound while you squirt the bug. What does the A say? “The A says ah. Ah, Ah, Ah”
  • What letter comes next? “B.” Quick find B. What does the B say? 

    Educational Objectives & Skill Development 

    • Letter recognition 
    • Phonics: associated letter sound
    • Alphabetical order
    • Letter discrimination 
    • Fine motor skills 
    • Finger and hand strength 
    • Reading readiness 

    Whether your kid loves bugs or hates them, this activity is for you. Littles who love bugs are excited to find each bug and discover the letter on its back. Kids who dislike bugs are eager to spray them away so there are no more bugs. 

    Depending on how well your little one sprays, this activity can be recycled. If the spray bottles stream is concentrated, most of the bugs will disappear the first or second time around. However, to make the most out of the experience adjust the spray bottle to a wider spray. The bugs will still get wet, but the chalk will remain for a few days allowing your little to keep practicing without having to redraw the bugs.  

    Variations for Differing Levels

    • Draw letters in alphabetical order vs. letters mixed up to create a scavenger hunt
    • Capital letters vs. lowercase letters
    • Child produced letter sound vs. parent instruction and guided practice 

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