So Many Questions: The Benefits of Answering Our Kid’s Questions 






and my personal favorite 


If you’re living with littles, you’re fielding millions of questions a day.  Often coming at rapid fire.  

It drives us crazy, but this is the gift of little ones.  Their curiosity spurs on learning!  They ask and then they actually listen to the answer. They spin it around in their brains and internalize it.  What they learn impacts them moving forward. 

So how do we teach our kids? ANSWER THEIR QUESTIONS 

Teaching our little ones doesn’t have to be   complicated.  It can be that simple.  The best learning happens when it isn’t planned.  When curiosity is resolved, learning sticks.

  • Slow down and take the time to answer questions.  If you don’t know the answer, look it up or go to the library and find an age appropriate book to read with your kid.  
  • Ask your kid questions in response. Why do you think that happens? How could we investigate that together? 

The truth is, we may not always have the answer, but we can be life long learners alongside our kids.  Modeling learning yourself is an incredible lesson for your kids. 

Parents, let’s take a cue from our kids and be curious.  Ask questions and find the answers. 

Let’s love our kids well by honoring their questions with answers. 

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