Cookie Counting

The key to teaching our little ones is to create scenarios that don’t feel like school. Kids love to learn through play. Counting can be so fun when you are cookie counting with chocolate chips. 

An easy and exciting way to engage in counting for littles is to incorporate snacks! I quickly drew some “cookies” and “chip spots” for this activity. Have your kiddo count out each chip as they lay it down. Once your done, enjoy a little treat! 

If self-control is an issue, make raisin cookies instead. 

It is important to develop self-control in our young ones. Working up to a chocolate chip counting activity might be wise. For the week prior to the cookie counting, practice snack counting each day. Create a sheet that you can reuse for the week with each number and snack spots. Count with cheerios, blueberries, raisins, fruit snacks, nuts, or whatever your little one will enjoy.

Set up your expectations for the activity. 

  • No snacking until he activity is completed
  • Count out loud
  • Complete one cookie or box at a time

Continue the counting practice by counting each snack piece as they are eaten. 

1, 2, 3 GO!

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